New: dynamic related chess website

Today, I have published a demo chess tournament website, where all content is dynamically related.
It offers some new potential compared with regular chess tournament websites nowadays. You can have a look at it here:

I started the project myself and it is not commissioned for any client. 
It's still in a development phase. Learn more about it below.
Although the website shows all content from Tata 2013, the project does not have anything to do with that tournament. 
Why did I start the project?
In the past few years, a lot of effort is put into creating content during big chess tournaments. Traditionally, coverage of chess tournaments only consisted of games, written reports and photos. Since the rise of fast internet, more and more tournaments offer videos as well, either live shows, interviews afterwards and analyses. Besides, this year we will see the introduction of chess statistics (face to face results, opening reference, engine analysis.. and much more). Concluding: in the near future a lot of different content has to be shown on a chess tournament's website. 
How to present all this content in a clear way? Would it be sufficient just to show the content by its type? A photo gallery for all photos, a news section for written reports. And of course a separate page for replaying games.
I think we can do better than that, by showing all content in a dynamic way: all content related by players, days and matches. That's the main purpose of this website: to show how fun it can be to have a lot of content!
For example, if we click on the first round match between Carlsen and Caruana, at first glance we only see some player details and the game itself. However, all other content (videos, photos, prematch information and mutual games) is hidden behind a small menu below the player details. In the menu on the right side one can browse through all other games of that round and all content of your favorite player is shown after you click his name. That is dynamic, isn't it?
Have you missed all content of a certain round, click on 'News' in the top menu and select the round. And if you want to check all analysis videos? Just click 'Video' and then analyses. That's the power of this website: all content is accessible in various logical ways.
Another new idea, at least in chess, is the use of an extra block below the main menu, to show all details of the current and previous round (list of games, what time do they start and if there is any live games at the moment) and it could serve as a starting point for social media. At the moment one will find the 5 most recent Twitter updates.  
Can we have such a website for our tournament?
I would be glad to implement such a website for tournaments. It is both my passion and my job to improve coverage of chess tournament.
Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.
What's next?
Regarding this website a lot of things will improve in the upcoming days:
- design: most of the content is there, but it lacks a fancy design.
- browser check: I just checked the website with some of the latest browsers
- adding content: match previews from round 2 and later are missing (watch them here)
- bug fixes (board, multiple videos playing... )
- adding multiple proposals for designs
- compatibility with Facebook's Connection
- improve the loading time


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